American River College

Professor Carol Leever


Retirement: November 2019

Dear students,

Thank you for all the well wishing and the wonderful cards and letters. As most of you know, I was diagnose with stage 4 cancer in August of 2017. I've been receiving treatment for it ever since. It's a very long, difficult process.

I was hoping I would be able to go back to work at some point, but that does not seem possible any more. I'm still fighting my cancer, and I'm doing well. I was bedridden for almost a year but I'm now up and about and working on regaining my strength.

But because of my health and the ongoing treatment, I have had to take early retirement from American River College. I regret that I won't be going back -- but no one knows what life has in store for you.

That being said, I'm keeping myself busy writing and painting (I actually taught myself how to paint digitally). If you are at all interested in what I'm doing, you can go to my other website: Of Cats And Dragons . All my books and paintings are there along with a blog that I write. And you can email me from there as well if you'd like.

Due to this change, I'm closing down Book of Cels. As you can see it has already been redirected to ''. (I ran out of ideas for domain names and that was all I could come up with. If you read any of my books you'll probably understand the reference.)

At some point I will put my 'notes' back up for my own reference -- I'm still doing webdesign though mostly for myself these days. If there's a request from any of you for access to those notes, I'll see about making them public and putting a link here on this page.

I enjoyed my time at ARC and I'll miss it. But my new hobbies are keeping me busy. Good luck to all of you!

Carol Leever